Crowns and fillings

With the help of CAD/CAM techniques we can we can often provide ceramic fillings or crowns in one session. By using advanced computers, the fit and design of the teeth can be made as naturally as possible. Many different forms of dental replacements can be made with Cerec. Some examples are crowns and veneers. These are also called shields

What is Cerec?

It is a system that consists of different components. A camera that does nothing but scan an image, software that makes a three-dimensional image. And a computer-controlled milling machine. The system allows the dentist to make crowns and fillings. The big advantage of this system is that it can do this very quickly and very precisely. By using the right material, the result will be very beautiful.

The advantage of Cerec is that in many cases we can make a crown or tooth replacement restoration in just one visit. This means that, for you, as a patient there is no need for a molding. Within just one visit at the dentist, you’re done!

How does it work? When you have hole in your teeth or molar, the dentist will proceed as followed:

  1. The dentist grinds the tooth or molar that needs to be treated in the form that is needed for the tooth replacement.
  2. The dentist scans the situation in the mouth. This way, Cerec is provided with the right information and has enough to make the tooth replacement.
Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag