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W.J. de Bruïne (Dentist)
(BIG-nummer: 49020342402)

“For me as a dentist I see new challenges every single day. The activities as a general practitioner are very diverse, but also extremely entertaining. I have specialized myself in the CAD/CAM technology, which has been greatly improved. With the help of the Cerec system I can do all kind of treatments. In the direct restorative dentistry we use composite and ceramics. When they are applied correctly, they have a long service life and aesthetic added value. Not only for the dentist but also for you as a patient a great advantage. Especially because the treatments are done in just one single visit. The so-called “one-visit dentistry”. I share these experiences in the form of lectures and workshops for dentists and business. “

Martin Zoutendijk Zoutendijk (Dentist)
(BIG-nummer: 69921618102)

“Being a dentist is a very rewarding job for me and I like it to help people. I think customized care is very important. This means: adapted to the wishes and needs of the patient. As a care provider, I find the aspect of a family or household dentist a missing part in the current changing care. A lot is outsourced/transferred to third parties. By itself not wrong in special cases. But usually we do everything by ourselves. I particularly have an affinity with root canal treatments. Making restorations, crowns with Cerec and the CAD/CAM is a beautiful new technique. We make a scan and a digital impression. The final crown will be placed in the same session. For me, a good dentist is a dentist who provides care, keeps up with the time and is up to date with all the developments.”


H.J.van Mill Dentist-endodontologist
(BIG number: 89022819102)

In 1982 I wondered as a dentist at the University of Utrecht. I had an education behind the carpet in Civil Engineering and spent 4 years designing oil rigs for the oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Ultimately, engineering on a microscopic level as an Endodontist was my calling. After graduating, I did a lot of postgraduate education. In Periodontology at the University of Gothenburg with Professor Jan Lindhe and Sture Nyman. In Los Angeles the POS course in Orthodontics by Dr. Donald McGann. Dr. McGann recommended that if I wanted to increase my endodontic knowledge and skills, I contact Dr. Clifford J. Ruddle in California. I am Dr. Eternally grateful to Ruddle for all he has taught me, and I may say, he is not an easy teacher!

For 15 years I taught together with him as an assistant during the hands-on training. I am extremely proud to be a member of his team. For 30 years I ran a referral practice for endodontics in Amstelveen.

And I am very happy that Wim and his team welcomed me.

It is an inspiring time for all of us. Endodontic treatments afterwards are a team effort and I am very happy that I can and may continue to care for patients at the highest level at Residentaalen.


Katinka Sterk Dentist
(BIG-number: 9932431602)

Since March 2023, after completing my study Dentistry at the University of Groningen, I have been working at Residentaal. And with great pleasure! It is a nice challenge to be able to work with the skilled team of this practice. What I find important: to achieve an optimal treatment result together with the patient. The modern techniques here in-house offer the optimum possibility for this.


Jaco Muñoz Implantologist
(BIG-number: 09921282402)

My name is J.C. Remuñán Muñoz, but friends and colleagues call me Dr. Jacob. I obtained my degree in dentistry from the University of Zaragoza in Spain in 2016 and then moved to the Netherlands to practice my profession. In 2019 I further specialized in implants and surgery by obtaining a master’s degree at the University of Málaga. In addition to my education, I am also well aware of the latest techniques in my field, with a special interest in new technologies such as 3D scanning and 3D printing. I think it is important that my patients have a clear picture of the end result of their treatment. You can therefore approach me for a good treatment plan and I am always open to questions. In my spare time I like to visit friends, do sports or go out into nature, such as to the beach or the forest.


Sophia van Batenburg  Prevention assistent

Together with my colleagues, we help all patients with all the knowledge and skills to a healthy mouth. Good oral hygiene is very important for good teeth. I have been doing this with great pleasure for many years. Together with you a team to achieve and maintain the desired results!


Isis Schoneveld (Dentist assistant)

As an assistant I make sure that the dentist can focus his full attention on the treatment. I am responsible for everything that happens next to the dentist and in the room. I am also responsible for stock management and supervising interns.


Charlotte Zonneveld  Dentist assistent

I have been working as a dental assistant since 2018. In 2022 I started the prevention assistant course. The nice thing about my work is the variation it brings, because every set of teeth and every client is different. I believe it is important to ensure that you have optimal oral health and to help you maintain this health yourself.


Amine  Dentist assistent

As an assistant I help the dentist with the treatments. So that he can do his treatment properly and in peace.


Sandra Araujo Practice manager

Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag