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W.J. de Bruïne (Dentist /practice owner)
(BIG-nummer: 49020342402)

“For me as a dentist I see new challenges every single day. The activities as a general practitioner are very diverse, but also extremely entertaining. I have specialized myself in the CAD/CAM technology, which has been greatly improved. With the help of the Cerec system I can do all kind of treatments. In the direct restorative dentistry we use composite and ceramics. When they are applied correctly, they have a long service life and aesthetic added value. Not only for the dentist but also for you as a patient a great advantage. Especially because the treatments are done in just one single visit. The so-called “one-visit dentistry”. I share these experiences in the form of lectures and workshops for dentists and business. “

Martin Zoutendijk Zoutendijk (Dentist)
(BIG-nummer: 69921618102)

“Being a dentist is a very rewarding job for me and I like it to help people. I think customized care is very important. This means: adapted to the wishes and needs of the patient. As a care provider, I find the aspect of a family or household dentist a missing part in the current changing care. A lot is outsourced/transferred to third parties. By itself not wrong in special cases. But usually we do everything by ourselves. I particularly have an affinity with root canal treatments. Making restorations, crowns with Cerec and the CAD/CAM is a beautiful new technique. We make a scan and a digital impression. The final crown will be placed in the same session. For me, a good dentist is a dentist who provides care, keeps up with the time and is up to date with all the developments.”

Robbert-Jan Renting (Dentist – implantologist NVOI)
(BIG-nummer: 49910972505 )

I have been working as a dentist since 2008. After I graduated, I started working at the policlinic for dental surgery in Twente. In this place I got in touch with dento-alveolar surgery, the removal of complex wisdom teeth and implantology. My interest to develop myself in implantology was born! In 2012 I started the 3-year post-academic course Implantology and Reconstructive Dentistry at the Academic Center Amsterdam (ACTA), in order to carry out implantology at the highest possible level. After completing this education, I mainly worked in referral practices for implantology. Good oral health is very important for a good general health, but also for the lifespan of the implant.
“I treat my patients as I would like to be treated: quality-oriented, with a broad view and according to a clear plan. My goal is to offer my patients the most sustainable and beautiful solution possible! ”

Francien de Bruïne  (Paro Prevention Assistant )
Certified prevention Assistant, Anesthesia, X-ray and Paro Plus

I see you with a lot of passion during your regular dental cleaning check-up. Are you suffering from your gums or does it need some extra attention? I am specialized in the management of gingivitis (inflamed gums). I will inform you about dental care, the development of cavities, gum diseases and the effect of eating habits on your teeth. Do you actually brush in the most optimal way? Young or old, I would like to teach you how to brush your teeth in the best way. You will also see me in the aftercare of your wound healing and aftercare for implants. Are you anxious? I would like to guide you to keep up with your oral hygiene.
“Prevention is better than cure, we can achieve that together.”

Jacobien de Bruïne – Koopmans  (Practice management)

I work with a lot of pleasure in our atmospheric, homely furnished waiting room with modern practice rooms. After working together for several years, I am very happy with the practice we have built here. The service and patient friendliness are our number one priority. A good contact with our patients is very important to me.

Isis Schoneveld (Assistant)

As an assistant it is my job to ensure that the dentist can focus his full attention on the treatment.

Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag