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  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • One session treatments for crowns, bridges, facings and veneers with Cerec computers
  • Implants and dentures on implants
  • Treatment of gum diseases Gingivitis/Parodontitis
  • root canal treatment with an operation microscope

Our treatments

We are able to serve you in a great range of possible treatments. If you want to know more about the treatments possibilities for you, please contact us for more details.

  • Digital manufactured ceramic fillings, inlays and crowns with Cerec computers in one session
  • The “one-visit-dentistry”. Suprastructuren on Implants
  • Crowns and bridges and removable prosthesis with a “click”system on implants
  • Endodontic treatment with a operationmicroscope
  • Cosmetic dentistry



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Emergency service

When the office is closed it is possible to listen to the answering machine. You will be asked to call during working hours to call the dentist who is replacing Dr. de Bruïne or Dr. Zoutendijk. In the evening and weekends the emergency dokters phone. They wil help you as good as possible to a dentist nearby.

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  • W.J. de Bruïne (dentist / owner) (BIG-registration: 4902034202)
  • Martin Zoutendijk (dentist) (BIG-registration: 69921618102)
  • Rober Jan Renting (dentist – implantologist NVOI) (BIG-registration: 49910972505)
  • Francien de Bruïne (Registered Paro prevention assistent)
  • Jacobien de Bruïne – Koopmans (Manager)
  • Lotte Albers (dentist assistent)
  • Isis Schoneveld  (dentist assistent)
  • Lotte Fleur Naudin ten Cate ( receptioniste/adminstratie)

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With the help of advanced computers it is possible to make ceramic filling, crowns and veneers in one session.
The teeth which are being made look very natural and beautiful.

With Cerec it is possible to make a crown within the same visit. For you, as a patient, it means that there no impressions needs to be made. With only one visit to the dentist you are ready. It is a system that exists from several components. A camera, which does nothing else then scanning, software which makes a three-dimensional picture. And a computer-controlled milling machine.
With the system the dentist can make crowns and ceramic fillings. The big advantage of this system is, that it is very fast and very precise. By using the correct material the result becomes very natural and beautiful.
When you have a large fracture in your incisor or molar, the dentist will follow the next procedure:

  1. The dentist prepares the tooth which must be treated in the form which is necessary for the crown.
  2. The dentist scans the situation in the mouth. This way he has correct data, to make a ceramic replacement which Cerec. The dentist makes the crowns or ceramic filling in the office so you do not have to be sent away for two weeks while the crown is being made.
  3. On the computer a three dimensional pictures appears. The dentist examines this design with you and can show you how the new ceramic restoration is being made. Even complete Metamorphoses are possible.
  4. The form has been now set and the milling machine is going to work. The dentist puts a porcelains cube with the best appropriate colour in the milling machine. Milling or sharpening the crown lasts approximately 15 minutes.
  5. The ceramic filling, crown or veneer is ready to be cemented permanently on the tooth. With cerec a lot of different forms of ceramic replacements can be made. Some examples are crowns and veneers. This a short explanation what Cerec is.

More about this can find you on the Internet site of Dental Sirona: www.sirona.com.

Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag Residentaal Tandarts in Den Haag